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Denalitek, Inc. believes that a firehose and 500 gallons of water aren't the tools you need to manage an IT network. And we're looking for team members with the same philosophy.   Apply today >>

We specialize in ensuring network uptime for small- to mid-sized business clients, with a focus on proactive, preventive maintenance plans through scheduled on-site visits—maximizing stability and predictability. Fires are the exception, not the norm.


At Denalitek, a well-established, structured work environment sets up employees for success, not failure. A different approach to IT maintenance makes work less stressful and more stable.

Our technicians aren't running from one emergency to the next.

And with its diverse client base, Denalitek offers a great opportunity for employees to expand their skills.

Why Denalitek?
Competitive wages
Health insurance
Vision / dental coverage
401K retirement savings plan
Holiday, sick leave and vacation
Home Internet access reimbursement
Auto mileage
Technical certification incentive
Notebook computer
Current Job Postings:
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Apply Online

Denalitek's online application allows you to set up an application, save it mid-stream for completion at a later date, and/or keep it updated over time.    Apply today >>

Candidates are evaluated
based on:

  • relevant certifications,
  • direct experience with different technologies, and
  • applicable skills, including:
    • troubleshooting,
    • documentation,
    • customer service, and
    • communication skills.

Denalitek's online application system is used to ensure the most qualified candidates bubble up to the top of the list.

To be considered, candidates must complete an online application.


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